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Your one-stop solution for the best wedding & events, salons, and other services

Bali Villas Lifestyle Wedding & Events

One of the finest wedding and event organizers in Bali.

Studio Bumi Bali

The professional hair and beauty studio in Seminyak, Bali

Bali Villas Lifestyle Wedding & Events

Bali Villas Lifestyle: Your One-Stop Solution for Extravagant Escapes, Enchanting Weddings, and Unforgettable Events!

Bali Benoa Watersport

Get wet & wild with our watersports package for your bachelorette bash

Hair & Beauty Emporium

MYNX Bali, we're more than just a beauty emporium - we're your personal glam squad, making sure your one-stop shop experience is always delightful!"

Sewa Alat Piknik Product/service

Experience convenience and culinary delights with our company, offering top-notch rentals and catering services for your events.

Spoon & Spatula Product/service

Buttercream Cakes, Cupcakes Brownies, Cookies, Chesecake and more

Bali Silver Guru Jewelry/watches

Handmade pieces. Bespoke custom works. Jewelry online store & guide to handcrafted silver jewelry from Bali.